BeyondX is dedicated to reimagining and reinventing the delivery of better health and education services. We believe all people should have the opportunity to thrive. BeyondX aims to deliver inclusive, creative, proactive, preventative, accessible and responsive health and education solutions to everyone in the community, especially where other mainstream health and education services or recreational programs are limiting or have failed. We follow a social model of disability and provide neurodiversity affirming services.

BeyondX was founded by  Teresa Butler and Cameron Gill. Since Cameron’s passing in April 2019, the work of BeyondX and Cameron’s other business and non-profit interests, including ParagonInc, ImpossibleCo, and The Bullying Revolution, is continued by the custodians of his legacy, as befitting his succession plan.

BeyondX is  owned by Teresa Butler, who is a Melbourne based psychologist, writer, and advocate.


Teresa Butler - Director, Psychologist

Teresa operates a small psychology private practice through BeyondX. Her practice is neuro-affirming and humanistic. Teresa works mostly with children, teens, and young adults, and their families as appropriate. She especially enjoys helping families and individuals who need support and advocacy to access and navigate challenging systems.

Teresa is keen on collaborating with out-of-the-box thinkers, change makers, disrupters, and system breakers. Teresa has a collaborative partnership with ParagonInc, and is also a director of ImpossibleCo, and manages its social businesses, The Bullying Revolution, and Be Kind. Plant Trees

Teresa Butler